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polymer strong adhesive
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Available size: 290ml, 600ml, 400ml
Color: white

Polymer strong adhesive
No.Polymer strong adhesive/PS-3000
Technical data



PS3000 is a powerful and versatile adhesive. It is an ideal adhesive for kitchen and bathroom with outstanding mildew resistance. For all jobs involving sealing & bonding regarding a wide range of materials including metals, untreated or anodised aluminium, glass wood, concrete, stone and many rigid plastics.

For use where a beauty seam sealing is required in window,furniture, toilet, plugging.


Main advantages:

Mildew resistance

Environmental friendly- solvent free

Permanently bright

No change in volume- No shrinkage

No bubble formation

No cracking

Primer-less adhesion on almost every substrate

Non-sag consistency

High mechanicalnamic stress resistance-shock/ impact resistance


Excellent weathering resistance- extremely good color stability and UV resistance.

 Item  Feature
 Chemical nature Hybrid Polymer 
 Curing mechanism Moisture curing 
 Specific gravity  1.40gr/cc+ 0.02gr/cc
 Tack free time at 23℃ and 50% r.h.  25'
 Curing time at 23℃ and 50% r.h.  3mm/24h
 Hardness Shore A(DIN 53505)  75
 Tensile strength (DIN 281)  8.0N/mm2
 Application temperature  +5℃/+35℃
 Temperature resistance  -40℃/+80℃


Application advises:

The surface to be treated should be perfectly clean, dry and free from dust and grease. Primers may be required on some substrates and in certain application cycles.

PS3000 may be over-painted, however due to the large number of paints and varnishes available we strongly suggest a compatibility test before application. The drying time of alkyd resin based paint may increase.

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Polymer strong adhesive
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