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parquet adhesive
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Availabe size: 600ml
Color: Chestnut Oak, Walnut

Parquet adhesive
No.Parquet adhesive/PA-6000
Technical data



Designed for structural bonding of wood elements on porous and non supports, Parquet Adhesive PA6000 is specific for bonding of any type of wood flooring(including beech-wood, maple and exotic woods), lamparquet, small slats, maxilstone, prefinished and laminate on all types of untreated or consolidated cement screeds and on existing flooring. Its high green strength keeps the elements to be bonded in place; therefore, it is ideal for large surfaces of wood(Parquet) flooring. Particularly suitable for heated floors and for the bonding of wooden floors on existing ceramic, marble, palladian, wood and natural stone floors.


Main advantages:

Easy bonding between different materials.

Compensation of the movements caused by thermal dilatation, vibration and shrinkage without the risk or breakage.

One-part Clean and simple to use.

Solvent-free, completely odourless.

No product waste during and after use.

High humidity resistance up to 3%.

Application without harmful exhalations. Determination of VOC for Control of Emissions from Products for Flooring Installation.



Parquet Adhesive PA6000 has a coverage on smooth surfaces between 700 and 900 gr/m2. On rough or uneven surfaces the coverage ranges from 900 to 1300 gr/m2.


Hardening time:

Approximately 24 hours according to the temperature and environmental humidity.

 Item  Feature
 Chemical basis  Polyutethane
 Cure mechanism  Moisture curing
 Workability  good workability & remaining grooves after application
 Wetting  complete wetting of the parquet
 Tack free time at 23℃ and 50% r.h.  70 mins
 Chemical resistence  excellent
 Humidity and water resistance  excellent
 Initial longitudinal shear strength  3.7 N/mm2
 Longitudinal shear strength after ageing  3.8 N/mm2
 Deformation by shear force of 3.0N/mm2  1.6mm
 Deformation by shear force of 2.5N/mm2  1.05mm
 Application temperature  +5℃ to +35℃
 Temperature resistance -40℃/+80℃ 
 Use of newly applied parquet ares 24 hours aftr application 
 Complete curing 36-48 hours 



Application advice:

Do not dilute product

Use latex gloves or protective hand-ceram for quick cleaning

Remove immediately eventual product traces on the parquet before its hardening

Avoid the leakage of material from the sides of the staves due to the risk of whitening effects resulting from the contact of the adhesive with solvent based polyurethane paints if used in particular humidity condition on specific types of wood like the exotic ones. No risk with water-based paints.



The support must be compact, seasoned, clean(free from oil resideus and old adhesives) and dry at the moment of application, If the foundation humidity is more than 3% in weight, then a special pre-treatment of the floor basement is necessary. Apply the product in a uniform manner using a dented spatula and place the covering on the freshly applied adhesive.

Parquet laying must be effected within 1 hour from adhesive application.

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Parquet adhesive
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