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rubber paint
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Available color: flash,white,black,grey,red...

rubber paint
No.rubber paint/SP-3028
Technical data


Rubber spray paint/ Plasti Dip is a multi-purpose, air dry, specialty rubber coating. It can be easily applied by dipping, brushing, or spraying. Plasti Dip protective coating is ideal for a broad array of do-it-yourself projects around the home, garage, garden, and elsewhere. It protects coated items against moisture, acids, abrasion, corrosion, and skidding/slipping, and provides a comfortable, controlled grip. Plasti Dip remains flexible and stretchy over time, and will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions.


Where to use

It is widely used in car surface, motor surface, car wheel, glossy furniture surface, and many other glossy surfaces. With its beautiful colorful color and perfect property, it is becoming more and more popular.



Inner packing: 400ml aerosol tinplate can;

outer packing: fibreboard carton;

normal packing specification: 12pcs/ctn;

normal net wet: 310g  




Odor, Color, Grade:

corresponding color, little odor

General Physical Form:


General Physical Form After Dry:


Autoignition temperature:

No Data Available

Flash Point:

Not Applicable

Vapor Density:

No Data Available

Adviced using temp:


The Highest Temp Resistance Of Paint Liquid:


The Highest Temp Resistance Of Rubber:



6 - 7  [Details: undiluted]

Melting point:

No Data Available

Solubility in Water:


Volatile Organic Compounds:

0 g/l

Surface Dry Time:

1-2 hours

Total Dry Timeafter spray 3-4times:

12-24 hours(After totally dry, it is hard enough to bear high hydraulic pressure and it is weather-proof)

Maintain time of rubber film:

At least 6 months




Adviced application environment

Well-ventilated area.



It will be better to ensure the stuff surface is clean, dry and oilless before apply the rubber spray paint, if not, it will have an influence on the final effect. And you'd better to apply the paint in a well-ventilated area, take gloves, glasses, respirator, cover the area you don’t want to spray. Shaking the aerosol can up and down several times softly to blend the paint well-proportioned, and take away the cap to apply.



Aim the nozzle at the stuff which you want to change its color, keep 15cm dstance between the nozzle and the stuff and press the nozzle softly, meanwhile, move the can slowly to ensure the paint is sprayed well-distributed. After applying, don't touch the surface before it dry. If you are not satisfied with some segment, you can spray at that segment again like before. Repeat the same operation and spray 3 to 4 times. Then wait it dry. 



After dry, the surface will covered by the colorful film, it can protect the surface, and it is weatherproof, waterproof, anti-UV, and touch well. If you don’t like the color anymore one day, you can peel it just with your hand without any tools.  

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rubber paint
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